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Discover your hidden brainpower with this newly expanded guide to the simple but powerful technique that unlocks potential in all areas of your life.

Former banker and CEO Bill Donius drove his bank’s eightfold growth over twelve years. And the surprising secret to his success is something we all have access to, right in our own two hands. The methodology described in Thought Revolution is simple and revolutionary—so simple, it begins by moving your pen from one hand to the other. Whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, a whole world of change is possible. Writing with your non-dominant hand opens you up to creative solutions, giving you the ability to see new ways through problems in your business, career, relationships, health, and spiritual life.

In Thought Revolution, Donius explains the science behind non-dominant handwriting and teaches you how to incorporate the technique into your business and your life. New stories from Donius’s extensive seminars illuminate how employees and managers can unite in a new vision for their company’s growth and culture, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and improve profits. Thought-provoking, easy-to-do exercises and prompts show how to connect more fully with your subconscious right brain to help you reduce stress, discover your hidden talents, heal from trauma, and come to a deeper spiritual awareness.

Thought Revolution shows how your non-dominant hand serves as a direct pipeline to the right brain’s wisdom. Incorporate this simple practice into your career and your life, and you’ll find insights that lead to lasting change.




In Big Business, Innovation Should Be an “Inside Job”

You’ve Got a Problem

You’ve got this BIG, THORNY problem.  It’s ok.  You can admit it.  All big businesses have them.  You feel like your team has struggled with it forever and tried to solve it with countless brainstorming sessions and “thinking outside the box” workshops.  It feels hopeless.  EVERYONE inside your organization has finally accepted it as “just how it is”.


The Current “Fix”

It’s these monster problems that trigger the hiring of an incredibly expensive outside consulting firm to come in and fix them.  Of course these relationships are never really what you hope for, are they?  I mean, sure, a lot of these consultants are great at what they do.  And most of them can get some decent results for you (even if they aren’t always particularly innovative).  But by the time you do see any results, six months have passed (or more), and you just watched several LARGE checks change hands to get this to happen.  This is the way it’s done now.  I’m not saying it’s wrong.  I’m not even saying that it isn’t ever worth the money (sometimes I’m sure it is).

Here is what I am saying:  THERE IS A BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER WAY.

What are the biggest issues with these consulting relationships?  They take a long time.  They are really expensive.  When they are done, they’re gone (or they will gladly keep taking the checks with all those zeros on them).  They have very little long-term, vested interest in your company.

So how do we fix all of these issues?

Solve your biggest problems with your own team.

I know, I know.  They’ve all already given up!  You’ve already tried over and over again!  It’s hopeless!

But think about it for a second.  Who knows everything about the problem?  Who knows everything else about your business and your products or services and your customers?  Who are you already paying to solve these problems?  And who has a long-term, vested interest in solving these problems and creating success for your company?


“Outside the Box” Thinking From Inside Your Organization

The answer to all of these questions is obvious, right?  Your team is already in place to solve these big problems.  They just need one little missing piece:  the key to unlock innovative thinking on-demand.

THAT is exactly what right-brain thinking provides.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are left-brain thinkers.  And most of the time this serves us well.  But when it comes to these big, thorny problems in our businesses and in our lives, our left brains simply don’t have the ability to work around all the logistics and roadblocks to allow ourselves to see innovative solutions to problems.

It is this process of triggering your right brain that inspired me to write Thought Revolution.  And it is this process that has allowed me to help some really big companies (Disney, Kawasaki & Nestlé to name a few) around the world solve their own problems.  And the best part?  The exponential power of this innovative thinking technique allows these teams to solve these big, seemingly impossible problems in a matter of HOURS.  That’s right!  They don’t have to spend weeks and months getting to know the company inside and out.  They don’t have to study the problem extensively.  They are living it!

So there you go!  “Outside the box” thinking from INSIDE your organization…on-demand.  It isn’t hard to imagine how powerful that can be.

But in case your imagination is lacking, feel free to download a case-study of what this method has done for one of my clients, Crown Vision.  They are just one of many stories of success.


William A. Donius


Author of Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius, updated book released on August, 2014 by Simon & Schuster.


P.S.  Most people that hear about what I do are really skeptical.  I understand that.  I really do.  It’s why I LOVE to talk to people and show them how it works!  I know I mentioned that I have worked with some big businesses in the past.  I’ve had an absolute blast doing it and am looking for more of the right types of businesses to help.  If you are interested in learning more and you are the right type of business…and are still skeptical…I want to offer you a free 30 minute phone call where I will be happy to help you solve one of your biggest problems using my method.  I only have time to do a couple of these calls every week, so if you are interested, the earlier you apply the better.  You can apply for the free call here.


Hacking Your Brain to Get Unstuck – Bill Donius – Innovation City with Venture Cafe St. Louis

I was honored to be asked to interview on the podcast by SLAM Agency, Innovation City, located in the Venture Cafe.

Esalen Wrap Up + Ideation Sessions

My workshop at Esalen Institute was an incredible experience. I received positive feedback from the participants and enjoyed leading the weekend’s sessions. I look forward to facilitating additional weekends of self-discovery, growth, and personal insight. The overwhelming show of support I had from the diverse group of participants was inspiring and reassures me that I am actively pursuing my life’s genuine purpose. Their willingness to trust in my unique methodology for encouraging highly creative and innovative thinking was nothing short of beautiful. I cannot think of a more perfect way to spend a weekend and I am deeply thankful for everyone who supported or attended.

Check out this amazing testimonial I received from one of the workshop participants, as well as the photos I captured from this idyllic retreat, to get a sense of how powerful and life-changing right-brain can be!

The insights and knowledge I received from your course have been profound for me and I thank you. The voice emanating from my right brain during the Thought Revolution exercises was very different from the typical everyday 'Jeff' chatter in my head. I had heard that voice really only once before, and I thought it was God speaking to me then. Well, I heard the God voice again this past weekend and I guess he/she resides in my right brain. A thousand thanks!
Jeff V

In case you missed out on this opportunity to learn how to activate the right side of your brain and reconcile those ideas with the more conventional ones in what I’ve termed, Ideation, don’t forget that I am available to lead Ideation sessions for your company! I’ve worked with numerous global brands, Fortune 500 companies, investor groups, and industry conferences to cut through the noise and confusion inherent in big businesses. The results: consensus and clarity of ideas leading to bottom-line growth and lasting innovation. I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise with your organization! 

Esalen Institute Workshop: Sold Out!

I am both excited and somewhat regretful to announce that my upcoming workshop, Meet Your Better Half: Unlock Your Right Brain, being held at the beautiful Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California, is officially sold out. Excited because I will have the pleasure of sharing my unique creative problem-solving methodology with so many incredibly interesting and diverse individuals, and regretful of the fact that Esalen simply cannot accept more registrations due to lack of housing facilities.

Sincerely appreciate this show of support for my workshop. Thanks to those of you who are willing to take the plunge with me. This will be a deeper dive than the typical Ideation workshop.  I am eagerly anticipating a highly productive and engaging weekend of self-discovery and overcoming personal and professional roadblocks.

To everyone who signed up, my most sincere and heartfelt thanks, and to those who were not able to register for this event, stay tuned to my emails and social media accounts for more exciting opportunities to interact with me coming up on the horizon.


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