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Discover your hidden brainpower with this newly expanded guide to the simple but powerful technique that unlocks potential in all areas of your life.

Former banker and CEO Bill Donius drove his bank’s eightfold growth over twelve years. And the surprising secret to his success is something we all have access to, right in our own two hands. The methodology described in Thought Revolution is simple and revolutionary—so simple, it begins by moving your pen from one hand to the other. Whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, a whole world of change is possible. Writing with your non-dominant hand opens you up to creative solutions, giving you the ability to see new ways through problems in your business, career, relationships, health, and spiritual life.

In Thought Revolution, Donius explains the science behind non-dominant handwriting and teaches you how to incorporate the technique into your business and your life. New stories from Donius’s extensive seminars illuminate how employees and managers can unite in a new vision for their company’s growth and culture, increase employee and customer satisfaction, and improve profits. Thought-provoking, easy-to-do exercises and prompts show how to connect more fully with your subconscious right brain to help you reduce stress, discover your hidden talents, heal from trauma, and come to a deeper spiritual awareness.

Thought Revolution shows how your non-dominant hand serves as a direct pipeline to the right brain’s wisdom. Incorporate this simple practice into your career and your life, and you’ll find insights that lead to lasting change.




Publication: Business Wire

“Bill demonstrates how to tap into the right brain – the place where intuition and creativity exist – in a simple, easy and dramatic fashion. The author, Bill Donius, takes readers on an unexpected journey and it all begins with moving the pen from one hand to the other.” The process in THOUGHT REVOLUTION is straightforward and simple. It involves using an individual’s non­dominant hand as the neural pathway to the right brain. It takes away forever the tired refrain, “I could never do THAT because of THIS.” It is the guidebook for all those who become paralyzed at hearing the word “creative,” and who think that only a few specially anointed people have access to their intuition.

Publications: Mylife Magazine

“Throughout the book, Donius sets out to help us understand the science behind why we tell ourselves lies, which side of the brain is to blame and “the methods to use to blast them from our consciousness in order to find and live the truth.” Thought provoking, easy ­to­ understand exercises and prompts help readers connect more fully with the needs of their subconscious right brain and unlock their hidden genius, which was once elusive.”

Writer: J. J. LaBarber

Publication: Alive Magazine

A self-­help book in the truest sense, “Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius” shows readers how to ask their own brains for solutions to their problems. The process is so simple that it tricks our logical left hemispheres into cooperating. Activating the right hemisphere is particularly helpful when you’re dealing with a struggle or a mental block of some kind.

Writer: Gwen Ragno

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